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RichTech provides a combination of experience, strong customer service, and innovative ideas when it comes to virtual solutions. The reason you should choose us is because we can take every factor of your business and brand into consideration when designing a solution that fits your needs. Our team consists of passionate individuals who provide the complete product design, research, development, and manufacture procedures for each item they work on. Our specialty is providing customized solutions to people who have complex logistical problems or a unique approach to brand recognition. With a strong attention to detail, we make sure to customize our products to fit any request that comes our way.

About Us

RichTech Creative Displays is an experienced, professional interactive multimedia company with over a decade of experience in the business, offering a wide range of different multi-media products and services. Click below to learn more about us.

Our Experiences

RichTech is skilled in multimedia solutions and innovations, with many different products that help people show off their brands and entertain customers. Click below to see our products, or see our Solutions page for larger projects.

Why Richtech Creative Displays?

Our strength lies in the ability to develop innovative concepts from computerized interactive programs using the multi sensory detection technology that combines exciting visuals, choreography, sound and special effects, enabling dynamic presentations, accomplishing desired results.

Have a project in mind?

RichTech has a large group of loyal customers, with more than 90% of them returning to form a long-term partnership. We have customers throughout the world who rely on us to help their businesses grow. Any time we take on a job, the result is a win-win situation. Please contact us for any custom projects.

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