Events & Museum Solutions

Simple, flexible, connected solutions

Multi-touch Table

This multi-touch table supported 6 points touch at one time, which meant more than one user can participate in and enjoy the touch fun together. This touch table provided an opportunity for waiting customers to kill their boring time and enhance customers’ experience.

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Mini Virtual Presenter for ROI in DuBai

ROI is one of the largest high-tech firm in DuBai, adopting our mini virtual presenter as their event solution. A human shaped acrylic presenter in front, the projected image pops out at customers with videos and audios, introducing the history of the company.

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Roll Up Projection Banner in Germany

The portable advertisement embraces the new trends in fashion advertisement world with its unique innovative projection system, which deeply impressed customers with one half for video display and one half for cloth printing and customers were attracted at the first sight.

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Interactive Namibian Hall in Shanghai Expo

This Namibian company purchased our interactive floor as their multimedia solution in Namibia Hall to show its local customs in Shanghai Expo. When visitors took a step on the floor , footprints appears as they were step on the real sand.

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Reports from RichTech`s Participation at SGI Dubai

The 17th annual SGI Dubai show ran from January 7th through January 9th, 2014. This show represents the largest and longest running trade show in the Middle East for fields such as signage, graphic imaging, and digital printing.

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Touch Frame for Museums Solutions

Museums are are no longer just houses for ancient artifacts. In fact, some of the most popular museums are those that incorporate hands-on, interactive experiences for their visitors

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