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Interactive Climbing Wall That You Can't Miss

RichTech’s interactive climbing wall is the first brand who has intergraded multimedia interactive function with the indoor climbing wall. Since the game is on the market, it has received good and positive feedback among participants.

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Promote Child's Well-Being with Interactive Floor System

RichTech’s Interactive Floor System is an extraordinary apparatus that has been implemented into several implementations worldwide. A key utilization was to encourage the development of children and assist in their growth as individuals, via children recreation centers and schools.

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Interactive Wall System In Children's Center

Children need to be constantly entertained or they will lose interest quickly. Although each center did have several activities something was missing to consistently draw their attention for extended period of times. RichTech System identified this was absent and incorporated our Interactive Wall System and Interactive Floor System into the existing games available.

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Cheers to Being A Child Again!

RichTech is pleased to be a part of continuing that dream by introducing our Interactive Slide Projection System to Hamley’s, creating an environment where a child can be just that: a child.

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Interactive Floor System Achieves Perfect Wedding

Imagine transforming the typical wedding into a fully interactive experience where the floor and walls virtually come alive. Every participant from young to old can enjoy in the fun.

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Interactive Bar System In Nightclub

We applied our interactive technology on the the bar table and it turned a ordinary bar into an interactive bar with attractive effect. This is the application in the famous bar, Tzion in HongKong. When hands move above the screen or place glass on it, flowers starts to bloom

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