Multi-touch Frame

Deliver dynamic experiences

RichTech's infrared multi touch frame transfers ordinary LCD, LED and projection surface into an amazing multi-touch device, which allow you operates screen with your fingers instead of using a mouse. With its precision touch-tracking and supports up to 32 simultaneous touch inputs, RichTech's multi-touch frame will brings you a fresh and amazing experience.

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Diverse Uses

This technology can be used in many different settings, allowing it to be even more cost-effective and practical. Whether it is used for advertising, education, information or anything else, the frame's uses are only limited by the user’s imagination.


Instead of having a number of different printed banners, users can simply order the interactive frame. This means that it can be used time and time again without the added cost or inconvenience of having it reprinted.

24X7 Technical Support

RichTech’s skilled technical team is available all day for your technical support, installation, and customization needs.

Easy Installation

This frame is extremely easy for users to install. A 45° splice is used to ensure that it fits snugly onto whatever type of monitor it is being installed on. It is made with a strong and solid high quality aluminum frame that stays in place.


The IR multi-touch frame allows users to control their device with both accuracy and reliability. It can be counted upon to not have a ghost point and be completely drift-free. The response of the multi-touch screen is extremely fast as well.

Easy Operation

Along with the easy installation of the multi-touch frame is the ability for users to easily operate it as well. The frame has a USB connector that allows users to simply plug and play the screen without any hassle. Even those who are not technologically inclined will be able to install and use the frame quickly.