Hologram Banner

Add the "Wow" to your exhibits with our 3D Hologram LED Fan Banner Stand - an exciting innovation in marketing technology that allows customized 3D holograms to be displayed alongside the classic style of high quality tension fabric printing. Offering an added dimension of character to a display unlike any others currently available, our Banner Stand will help your business get that extra attention from people walking by.

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Vivid & Attractive

RichTech Hologram technology will reflect an amazing 3D image instead of an unattractive 2D image, and it will appear to float on the banner, allowing focus the attention on the product and show to your customer in a unique way.

Integrated & Sleek Design

The 3D Hologram Fan Banner is an integrated all-in-one solution, allowing quick and easy installations. You can place this table almost anywhere you want and you will instantly draw a crowd due to these features.