adjustable touch table

Adjustable Touch Table

1. Multi-User: Suitable for up to 10 users at a time, built to accommodate multiple chairs or wheelchairs.
2. Touch-Screen: 42″ touch screen includes full HD resolution producing clear text and images, bold colors, and superior interaction.
3. Adjustable Stand: Minimum height 27″, can be adjusted up to 52.8″. Includes remote for control from a distance.
4. Storage: Comes with custom-built air freight cases. Perfect for saving space in storage or transport.
5. Care: Touch screen is built with durable glass that is spill and scratch resistant.

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A revolutionary RichTech product utilizing an Android system that can play videos, display brochures, surf the internet, you name it. If it can be done on a tablet, it can be done on our table. Designed to be used by multiple users at once, this will alleviate the need for multiple TV’s or tablets to display interactive information to an audience.

adjustable touch table dimensions

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